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Announcing Ethos Chocolate:

UPDATE! When we launched Ethos Chocolate in February, we hoped our little bars would inspire a few people to help spread the sweet truth about GMOs. But when new orders started flooding in every 36 seconds, we knew we could do even more good. Now, with your help, we’re working to make a greater impact […] Read More

But What About All the Pesticides?

You have questions. Farmers, Registered Dietitians and moms have answers. We polled our online audience for your top questions on food and GMO Farming, then asked some smart women who know the issues from personal experience to weigh in with their perspectives. In this installment, you asked: I’ve heard some GMO crops are doused in […] Read More

The Facts About GMOs, From a Farmer Who Used to Oppose Them

As a 4-H kid with Hollywood dreams, my younger self would be SHOCKED to see me now, back on a farm instead of a movie set. Not to say I didn’t like growing up around my friends’ farms in Wisconsin. I absolutely loved farm life, especially working with animals and riding horses. And every aptitude […] Read More

Organic, Conventional or GMO? This Farming Mom Tested Them All:

Carpooler In Chief, Homework Enforcement Officer, President of Lunch-Packing, Bedtime Efficiency Strategist… When you’re a mom, you never wear just one hat. And over the years — as a working mom of two kids; a registered dietitian nutritionist (RDN) and a farmer who’s grown with organic, GMO and conventional methods — I’ve worn them all. […] Read More

Concerned About GMOs? Come See My Farm and Meet My Family:

Raising four boys on a 4,000-acre family farm isn’t for everyone, but it’s a lifestyle I’ve always wanted. Now that I’m living it, one of the things I look forward to most each year is our springtime hunt for the great “Idaho ditch weed” — wild asparagus. The boys love that. We’ll ride bikes, or […] Read More

Parents: Here Are The Top 6 Things Scientists Want You To Know About GMOs

If you’re still not sure how to feel about GMOs — or for that matter, what “GMO” even means — you’re not alone. There are as many contradictory definitions of GMO Farming as there are terrifying headlines that get the facts wrong. The thing is, GMO Farming methods are simply the latest, safest evolution in […] Read More

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