Two of Every Three Moms Want Sustainably-Grown Food

New Food IQ survey finds more than 50% of Millennial and Gen X Moms don’t know that GMO Farming helps protect the environment

WASHINGTON, D.C., Nov. 14, 2017—A new survey of Millennial and Gen X mothers (ages 25 to 49) finds that a majority want their food to be grown using environmentally friendly farming methods. Yet, more than one in every two moms doesn’t know that GMO crops help protect the environment by reducing use of natural resources.

The Food IQ: What Moms Don’t Know About Food and Sustainability survey, commissioned by the nonprofit A Fresh Look in partnership with KRC Research, asked moms about their priorities when grocery shopping, as well as their knowledge of how food is grown.

Overall, the survey finds a large gap between what moms desire and their knowledge about various farming methods.

“Moms are struggling to understand how they can achieve their priorities of buying tasty, budget-friendly, and healthy food for their families, while still being good to the earth,” says Washington, D.C-based registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield.

“Many don’t realize advanced farming methods play a major role in the sustainability of food production.”

Understanding more about GMO Farming methods could help consumers bridge this critical knowledge gap. GMO crops help reduce the use of natural resources, preserve farmland, cut pesticides, produce less pollution and increase the number of crops grown per acre—all of which contribute to more sustainably grown food.

“Foods grown using GMO Farming are just as healthy and nutritious as foods produced using organic or traditional farming. In many cases they can be cheaper too,” says Scritchfield.

The Food IQ survey also finds that virtually all moms—more than 90 percent—care deeply about protecting the health of humans and animals, as well as reducing the use of pesticides to grow food. However, many moms surveyed don’t know that GMO Farming accomplishes these goals, in addition to protecting the water supply, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gases, and reducing runoff, soil erosion, and energy use.

Key survey findings include:

  • Sixty-four percent of moms say it is important to them to buy groceries grown with environmentally-friendly farming methods.
  • Between 82% and 93% of moms say they care about protecting the health of humans and animals, using fewer pesticides, reducing air pollution, and protecting water sources.
  • But more than half of moms either don’t know GMO Farming aids in these aspects of protecting the environment or incorrectly think GMO Farming hurts the environment.
  • Only one in 10 moms believe they know a lot about GMO Farming and nearly 60% know very little or nothing at all about it.


“As a mom, I care about where my food comes from, and I think all moms feel the same way. We want to understand how food gets from the farm to our families’ tables, and we want that process to be as sustainable as possible,” says Elizabeth Bingham, farmer and agriculture expert, based in Idaho.

“My hope is that more moms learn about this type of farming, and understand that food grown this way actually protects the environment so that they have a greater understanding of how food makes its way to the family dinner table.”

About A Fresh Look
A Fresh Look nonprofit is focused on educating moms about the benefits of GMO Farming for their families and for the planet so they can make informed food choices. The group is made up of thousands of growers, many of whom are also moms. These farmer moms face the same parenting pressures as other moms, putting them in a unique position to talk about the benefits of GMO Farming methods — not only for the families they help feed, but for the food they put on their own tables.

A Fresh Look was founded when farmers from across the U.S. came together to help answer the questions and concerns heard from families about how their food is grown. A Fresh Look believes in a food system that’s grounded in science, safety and honesty, following these core principles:

  • We know scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the safety of food produced from GMO farming.
  • We know farming of GMO crops offers environmental benefits, including less water and fewer chemicals.
  • We know that farming of GMO crops will help us meet the food security challenges of a growing population and warming planet.
  • We know that food marketing should address science-based health and environmental benefits, and not play on consumer fears or convey misinformation that benefits any one type of agriculture.
  • We know there is a place in the food system for a range of agricultural methods.


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