Our Mission

To Share Honest Information
for Informed Food Choices

A Fresh Look was founded when farmers from across the U.S. came together to help answer the questions and concerns we hear from the families we feed about how their food is grown. We are committed to educating consumers about the benefits of GMO Farming methods, including how GMO crops allow farmers to produce food with less water, land, energy and pesticides.

Our Vision

A Fresh Look believes in a food system that’s grounded in science, safety and honesty:

  • We know scientific evidence overwhelmingly supports the safety of food produced from GMO farming.
  • We know farming of GMO crops offers environmental benefits, including less water and fewer chemicals.
  • We know that farming of GMO crops will help us meet the food security challenges of a growing population and warming planet.
  • We know that food marketing should address science-based health and environmental benefits — not spread misinformation to justify inflating prices for some foods, while playing on consumer misconceptions to stigmatize other, equally healthy options.
  • We know there is a place in the food system for a range of agricultural methods.

Our Supporters

The following organizations support our vision:

A Fresh Look, Inc. A family farmer-led non-profit