Plenty of people, genuinely concerned for their kids and the environment, have reasonable questions about GMOs. In many cases, we have clear answers. They’re just hard to find amid all the breathless media coverage. But the people who study GMOs the closest — doctors and scientists — overwhelmingly agree that food grown with GMO Farming methods is not only safe to feed our families, it’s no different nutritionally than anything else you can eat.1

There are countless everyday decisions that other people feel entitled to judge us about. Buying wholesome food that nearly every expert agrees is nutritious and safe shouldn’t be one of them.

Here’s what you need to know to make smart and safe food choices for your loved ones.

What the Media Coverage Misses About GMO Research

If all you saw about GMOs were the sort of sensational headlines that often dominate the media coverage, who wouldn’t be concerned? But if you ask experts with firsthand experience, you’ll hear that the evidence is in: GMO Farming produces crops that are as safe as any alternatives. They provide exactly the same nutrient value,2 often at a fraction of the cost — a non-GMO label can add up to 62% to your price tag, while organics can hike prices up to 90% higher.3 And they can even allow fewer pesticides, reduce naturally occurring toxins and protect against mold.4

That isn’t opinion. We now have decades of research. Thousands of studies, from hundreds of independent research groups.5 Billions of people and animals have eaten food grown with GMO Farming methods for years — with no ill effects. It’s fact.6

But according to whom? It’s a fair question. Most people don’t have time to personally verify the evidence. Luckily, the European government did it for us. They studied a decade’s worth of independent research from all over the world and came to the same conclusion.7 And they’re not alone.8

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Looking Beyond Crops

As one of the top meat-eating nations in the world, there’s just as much debate around where we get our meat, milk and eggs — and just as much confusion. Is grass-fed the same as pasture-raised? What about cage- and hormone-free? There are valid questions to explore here. But when it comes to crops grown with GMO Farming methods that feed animals, the questions are pretty simple: Are animals raised on this feed healthy, and is the food they produce safe?

The answer here is just as clear and the research just as compelling: Yes on both counts.

How do we know? From studying more than 100 billion livestock to find out if eating crops grown using GMO Farming has any negative impacts on health. After nearly 30 years of observation, researchers could not find a single instance.20

Today, more than 95 percent of all farm animals, on all kinds of farms, eat this feed.21 And despite what some pretty good marketing would have you believe, you’ll gain no food safety or nutritional benefits from avoiding their meat, eggs or dairy.22

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But What About the Environment?

The way we grow our food affects more than our own health and that of our farm animals — it has a direct impact on our environment. So what do we know about the impact of GMO Farming on the planet we’ll leave our kids?

Once again, the best available evidence all points in the same direction — GMO Farming is opening up better ways to grow more food with less energy, less water and less pollution.  

GMO Farming is even leading the way in reducing greenhouse gas emissions.24
And because farmers using these techniques can control weeds with fewer, safer pesticides, they’re reducing the impact of agriculture on our natural ecosystems, protecting our water sources and promoting biodiversity.25

What GMO Farming Is Doing To The Environment

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Healthy, Safe & Green

It’s hard enough getting the little ones to eat their greens, let alone making sure those veggies weren’t grown on the “wrong” type of farm.

So give yourself a break. Nutritionists agree we should simply eat more fruits and vegetables, no matter how they’re grown. As for food grown using GMO Farming methods, the experts who know it best know it’s safe for people, animals and the environment.

Use the links below or poke around the site to see what other scientists, farmers and moms are saying about GMO Farming.

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