About Us

The Story of A Fresh Look

Everyone wants to make the right choices when it comes to eating well, raising a healthy family and doing the right thing for the environment. And we’re no exception.

As family farmers, we face these choices every day.

How can we get the most out of our land, while making the least impact? How can we grow crops as affordable as they are safe and healthy? We’ve thought long and hard about the best ways to farm — not only for the families we help feed, but for the food we put on our own tables and the farmland we’ll leave our kids.

After years of firsthand experience, backed up by thousands of studies from the global scientific community, we’ve chosen to use GMO Farming methods that let us grow safe, healthy crops using less resources and fewer chemicals.

But there’s still a lot of confusion out there about what we do, and why.

So we came together to start A Fresh Look — a 501(c)(6) nonprofit made up of 1,600 growers from across the agricultural community committed to demystifying GMO Farming methods, including the grower-owned Amalgamated Sugar, Betaseed Incorporated, Western Sugar Cooperative and Wyoming Sugar Company. We want to address the questions and concerns we hear from customers and see in the public conversation. And we want to provide the resources people need to make smart, informed decisions about their food choices.

We won’t tell you how to raise your kids or feed your family. That should always be your choice. We’re here to educate Americans about all sides of GMO Farming — not only how it affects our world today, but what it means for our children and the world they’ll inherit.

Because GMO Farming is about how we grow nutritious, affordable food in smarter, more sustainable ways.

Together, we’ll explore the stories of the families who farm our food; listen to the dietitians, environmental experts and other scientists who make sure it’s safe and healthy; and answer the questions that moms, dads and concerned Americans of all backgrounds are asking about it.

You want to make the best food choices for your family and your world. We want to help.

A Fresh Look, Inc. A family farmer-led non-profit